Friday, June 01, 2007

The Circle of Life

Eat what you're meant to.

I reckon.

Following the BSE crisis the government realised that feeding animal protein to herbivores probably wasn't sensible, so it banned it.

Now the industry is trying to reverse that decision (see article below for starters), in the name of more profits for slaughterhouse by products. They believe that opening up this source of protein again will help consumer prices. Now, chickens eat meat. Ours love worms and woodlice, but I still can't envision a flock of chickens hunting a pig down. Why feed them pork?

The question is. Should meat be "cheap"? Meat should be expensive, trouble is we all want plump breasts, and lean loins and fillets. The demands of production determine the price. How many more food scares do we need before this filters through?

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